Discover our team

Start in Saclay is an association open to anyone interested in entrepreneurship. It is composed of a Board, different thematic sections, and a network of alumni.

Corentin Bertin – President

Sarah Duminil – Vice President

Joshua Kandiah – Secretary General

Marie-Anne Moreau – Treasurer

Théodore Tarride – Happiness Manager

Alexandre Toudret – Head of Events 

Louise Kerris – Events Manager

Paul Faverjon – Events Manager

Hugo Hajaali – Events Manager

Kelly Zhang – Head of Partnerships


Giancarlo di Rovasenda – Partnerships Manager

Florent Domenech – Head of Communication & PR

Gabrielle Ngayindama – Communication Project Manager

Renée Dekoupou – Communication Project Manager

Clara Durand – Communication Project Manager

Thibault Rey – Podcast Host


Julien Capra – Co-founding President

Clément Gay – Co-founding Vice President 

Kathleen Jaffré – Co-founding Treasurer 

Hossein Sheikarchi – Co-founding Secretary General 

Mario Chalhoub – Founder Young Entrepreneurship Society